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The Didactic Values of Nusantara Heritage is here to share the once forgotten stories about our Indonesian forefathers through cultural and educational activism. We have a vision to spread messages of wisdom and good hopes for a better future through our publications—hence the name Didactic Values of Nusantara Heritage (DVNH).

The thing that finally moved us to create this movement were our concerns that emerged after seeing the chains of phenomena which has been happening in Indonesia in the last decade. The social and political issues, disputes, and disorder on many aspects of our lives. From that, we began to wonder how the underlying issues of moral decadences could happen in the first place. For as far as we know, Indonesia is a prosperous country in which the virtuous moral value is regarded as the foundation of the society. The country where politeness, refined behaviour, ethics, tolerance, and harmonious relationships are built as well as maintained.

The story begins from our realisation of how the Indonesian forefathers had reached their pinnacle of philosophical thoughts. These philosophical thoughts manifested in many ways, from the literatures, mosaics, and even sculptures. Therefore, the spread of their messages is prominent. Such messages are often encapsulated in a very subtle way that often being overlooked.

Through our activism, we wish to gather all kinds of people from every line of society, from every line of age, and from every line of cultural background. We also wish to gather the world community to get help as much as we could, and to spread the words of good sense as far as we could. For, we all know that when we are working together, every problem can be alleviated much easier.

The moment Indonesian kris has been internationally declared as a masterpiece of oral and intangible cultural heritage of world humanity by UNESCO in 2005, we could not stop thinking on how to utilise this as the means to solve our nation’s problems.

At first, we were just strangers with similar concerns, but as we talk about our concerns, ideas started to come in the ways we never imagined. We try to bring the awareness of the once forgotten values of our forefathers through literacy. We consider this literary campaign as the most effective way to reach as many people as possible. Through literacy, we can contribute to the nation’s literacy rate.

Literacy has always been something we take for granted, without which we could not keep up with current events, communicate effectively, and understand the issues that are shaping our world. With regard to Nusantara Kris, it has become the most important tangible material remnants of Indonesian culture. It has also been proved to hold our forefathers’ wisdom, philosophical thoughts, and an enormous amount of didactic values to guide us to the right path.