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As the history progresses, The material remnants of it develop, Flourishing from defeat and decay, Fuelled by creativity, Celebrated for its beauty.

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Welcome to Didactic Values of Nusantara Heritage. We are here to share the once forgotten stories about our Indonesian forefathers through cultural and educational activism. We have a vision to spread messages of wisdom and good hopes for a better future through our publications—hence the name DVNH (Didactic Values of Nusantara Heritage).

The story begins from our realisation of how the Indonesian forefathers had reached their pinnacle of philosophical thoughts. These philosophical thoughts manifested in many ways, from the literatures, mosaics, and even sculptures. Therefore, the spread of their messages is prominent. Such messages are often encapsulated in a very subtle way that often being overlooked. Through our activism, we wish to gather all kinds of people from every line of society, from every line of age, and from every line of cultural background. We also wish to gather the world community to get help as much as we could, and to spread the words of good sense as far as we could. For, we all know that when we are working together, every problem can be alleviated much easier.

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